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Thinsulate - Leather Gloves

Thinsulate - Leather Gloves

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Men’s Thinsulate Leather Gloves

During the winter keeping your style intact when it is freezing outside can sometimes be a struggle, but there is no need to worry with these iconic men’s Thinsulate leather Gloves.

These Gloves have a plush fur like fleece inner so that warm air can be held close to the skin, keeping your hands extra warm throughout the day. The outer is made of 100% soft shine leather, adding the classic leather look to your outfit. If you know anyone who loves wearing leather then these are a fantastic choice, providing great value and comfort.

These Thinsulate leather Gloves are available in black with a choice of two sizes including M/L and L/XL. The outer is made of 100% leather and the inner is made from 100% acrylic. They are 3M Thinsulate 40 gram branded and are hand washable.

Extra Product Details

* Men’s leather Gloves
* Thinsulate
* Warm fleece inner
* 100% leather outer
* 100% fleece acrylic inner
* 3M 40 gram
* Available in black
* In sizes M/L and L/XL
* Hand washable
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